Sell with Jonathan Levey and Harcourts Connections


Jonathan has developed a fresh approach to selling – geared toward creating value in your property.

We do this in all aspects of our sales from our marketing package geared at maximum market exposure, through to a strategic, individually tailored plan to sell your home using accurate timing and proven methods to generate the best outcome for you. After all, you only get one chance to sell your home.

You’ll Love The Way We Market Your Property

Jonathan offers a strategic approach to selling property that begins on a foundation of preparation and partnership. It is the work we do in preparation for the sales process that sets Jonathan and Harcourts apart. Before your property goes to the market we dedicate the time to understanding your situation and the experience that you want as we progress in partnership from here to sold.

You’ll Love the Way We Communicate

Jonathan will provide you with an honest and up to date property advice of the current market you are in.  We will ensure you are in the best position to make clear and accurate decisions. Our appraisals are based on fact, not fiction.

Throughout the marketing campaign, we are in regular contact with you and we provide the raw and honest feedback from buyers. Based on that feedback, we work with you to form a calculated and nimble response to continue towards your purpose in the sale, based on that feedback.

We enter the final phase of selling once we have extracted offers for your consideration. Jonathan will have a complete bearing on the price and profit you receive based on their ability to negotiate for you at this point of the sale process. This step is the moment of truth for you as a property owner and the crucial deliverable you need from us as your representative in the sale.